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The Public Administration Recommendations (JHS recommendations) provide information management guidelines for public administration (both governmental and municipal). A JHS recommendation can be a uniform procedure, definition or instruction to be used in public administration. The JHS system aims to improve the interoperability of information systems and the compatibility of data in them, to facilitate cross-sector process development and to make the use of existing data more efficient. The recommendations also aim to minimise overlapping development work, guide the development of information systems and facilitate good common practices in public administration. The recommendations are approved by the Advisory Committee on Information Management in Public Administration (JUHTA) and the writing process is co-ordinated by the JHS section, appointed by JUHTA.


The JHS system is focused on:


    • Compatibility of information systems and their data and structure
    • Interfaces that increase the interoperability between information systems
    • Data security and privacy protection
    • Cost-effective utilization of information systems